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The Rumble Station is a NES-on-a-chip based Famiclone system that contained 15 games. It includes every NES game developed by Color Dreams, as well as two Sachen games published by them. Color Dreams licensed out the games for use on the system. It was originally distributed by Systema in the United Kingdom, and by Pelican in the US under the name Game Station Arcade. (although the menu screen still said "Rumble Station")


At its heart the Rumble Station consists of a generic NES-on-a-chip micro-controller (a complete cloned NES on a single chip) with 15 games programmed into it. The system is the size and shape of a Dreamcast Game controller (without the window for a VMU), and is powered by either 4 AA-size Batteries or an optional 9V DC Power Supply (Sold Separately). The casing itself is blue, with a black panel where the window on the Dreamcast Controller once was.

The system has the following controls on the face of it:

  • 8-way Directional Pad.
  • 8-way Directional Stick (resembles the Dreamcast's Analog Stick, but has same functionality and feel as the Directional Pad)
  • 2 "Trigger" buttons, labelled "A" and "B".
  • 2 "Autofire" buttons above the "A" and "B" buttons, which simulate hitting the "A" or "B" button repeatably.
  • "Start" and "Select" buttons.
  • "Reset" button (which takes you back to the menu)
  • Sliding switch which selects between "1PLAY" and "2PLAY" in order to properly simulate 2-player games.
  • Sliding switch which turns power on and off.

The Rumble Station gets its name from the Rumble Motor built into it, located beneath the black panel. However it is not controlled by software. Instead it is wired to the "A" and "B" buttons, so on hitting the buttons the controller shakes for a split second. Unfortunately, there is no way to switch the rumble function off.

The system also features jacks for Composite Video Output and Audio Output (2x RCA Connector - there is only Right-side Audio output).

Games Included[]

When switched on, the system displays a menu which allows you to select from the 15 built-in games.

Game list[]



  1. Baby Boomer
  2. Captain Comic
  3. Challenge of the Dragon (Color Dreams)
  4. Crystal Mines
  5. Galactic Crusader
  6. King Neptune's Adventure
  7. Master Chu
  8. Menace Beach
  9. Moon Ranger
  10. Operation Secret Storm
  11. Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator
  12. The P'radikus Conflict
  13. Raid 2020
  14. Robodemons
  15. Secret Scout

Because the system does not have any way of connecting a Light gun or containing one, Baby Boomer can only be played with the control pad in 1 Player Mode (2 Players required the NES Zapper).

The system also does not have any way of connecting a ROM cartridge, meaning it cannot be used to play Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom) Game Paks.

Other versions[]

  • Another version, called the Bible Time Voyager, contains all seven Wisdom Tree NES games. This is also said to exist in in an amber (rather than blue) casing.[1]
  • Another version contains (pirate copies of) 17 official Famicom games (29 including repeats) [2]