SKOB dragon logo
Origin Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Years mid 90's-early 2000's (?)
Consoles Mega Drive, Game Boy Color
Aliases Shuangchuan Trade Corporation
Related companies Guangzhou Mega-Dragon, Chuanpu, Gamtec, Sintax
SKOB, aka Shuangchuan Trade Corporation (上川貿易有限公司), is a Taiwanese publisher of Sega Mega Drive and Game Boy games. SKOB published both original games and (on the Mega Drive) unofficial Chinese translations of Japanese games.

SKOB appears to be connected to a Chinese company called "Super Huge Dragon" aka "Guangzhou Mega-Dragon Electronic (Software) Trade Center" which has an identical dragon logo to the one sometimes used by SKOB, and appears to have released at least four SKOB games in China.

Some of its Game Boy Color games appear to have been developed by a team connected to BBD/Sintax while others were made by an unknown developer, possibly in-house.

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