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SKOB, aka Shuangchuan Trade Corporation (上川貿易有限公司), is a Taiwanese publisher of Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color games. SKOB published both original games and (on the Mega Drive) unofficial Chinese translations of Japanese games.

SKOB appears to be connected to a Chinese company called "Super Huge Dragon" aka "Guangzhou Mega-Dragon Electronic (Software) Trade Center" which has an identical dragon logo to the one sometimes used by SKOB, and appears to have released at least four SKOB games in China.

Some of its Game Boy Color games appear to have been developed by a team connected to BBD/Sintax while others were made by an unknown developer, possibly in-house.

Published games[]

Mega Drive[]

  • San Guo Zhi V
  • Tun Shi Tian Di III (Conquering the World 3) (possibly developed by Chuanpu Technology or ex-Chuanpu staff)
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Aerobiz Supersonic (aka Air Management 2 Kouku Ou wo Mezase) (Chinese Translation)
  • Genghis Khan II Clan of the Gray Wolf (aka Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Meshika - Genchou Hishi) (Chinese Translation)

Game Boy[]

Game Boy Color[]

  • Digimon D-3 - A platforming game using a BBD/Sintax engine. A title hack of this game was released by Li Cheng under the name Chao Jinhua Shuma Baolong - Zuanshi Ban (超進化 数码暴龙-钻石版).
  • Digimon D-4 - An RPG with a button mashing-based battle engine. A title hack of this game was released by Li Cheng under the name Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2 (明珠口袋怪兽2).
  • Digimon D-5 (口袋電子世界D-5) - Based on Digimon Battle Spirit for the Wonderswan Color and Game Boy Advance. Released in English as Digimon Fight. There is an alternate version released by SKOB called Pokemon Sapphire (口袋妖怪蓝宝石). A hack of this game was released by Li Cheng under the name Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 3 (明珠口袋怪兽3).
  • Digimon D-6 (口袋电子兽D-6) - An RPG based on Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers for the Wonderswan Color. A hack of this game was released by Li Cheng under the name Shuma Baobei DX6 (数码宝贝DX6).
  • Dragon Ball: Final Bout (悟空外傳 武鬥篇) - Based on BBD's King of Fighters R-2 engine. Dumped as unmodified and cracked ROMs.
  • Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War[1]
  • Guai Shou Zong Dong Yuan (怪獸總動員) - A Pokémon based board game. [2]
  • Monster Collections Plus (怪獸總動員 加強版) - Released in the year 2000. Received an English release.
  • King of Fighters R2 - The ROM contains text referencing a Gamtec development tool.
  • Pocket Monsters Crystal - A Pokémon-themed platforming game starring Chikorita. Uses graphics from Pokémon Gold Silver for the SNES.
  • Sheng Huo Jiang Mo Lu Wai Chuan (聖火降魔錄外傳) (colloquially known as Fire Emblem Gaiden and Super SLG in English-speaking circles) - A Fire Emblem-themed strategy RPG with sprites and maps taken from official Fire Emblem games and music taken from RPG Maker GB. The game would be hacked and released by Sintax as Menghuan Moni Zhan II (夢幻模擬戰II), or Langrsr II. A deprotection hack of the original version of this game is dumped.
    • Sheng Huo Jiang Mo Lu - Guang Yu An De Lun Hui (聖火降魔錄-光與暗的輪迴, a.k.a Fire Emblem: The Reincarnation of Light and Dark) - may be the same as or related to the above
  • Super Robot Wars F Final Vol. 1 (超級機器人大戰F 完結篇) - A version of this game is dumped.
  • Super Robot Wars F Final Vol. 2 - A continuation of Vol. 1. From this link: (now deleted). Currently undumped.
  • Super Robot Wars IMPACT (超級機器人大戰 IMPACT/超級機器人大戰 撞擊篇) - Original version is undumped. The Li Cheng version, Gangdan Wuyu 2 (钢弹物语2), is dumped.
  • Tun Shi Tian Di IV

SKOB released some GBC games in a unique cartridge shell. These shells resemble elongated GBA cartridges. These however were rarely used, most of their games were released in standard grey shells. SKOB also released some of their GBC games in English. These are labeled "GAME BOY ADVANCE" on the left side of their stickers and boxes.


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