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SM Choukyoushi Hitomi Vol. 1 (SM調教師瞳 VOL.1) is an unlicensed adult Super Famicom game developed and published by Seibu Kikaku.


SMCH1 02


This is a simple adventure game, involving a scenario with a 16-year-old girl named Hitomi. It has several erotic scenes involving themes of BDSM. There isn't much content, with only a handful of branching choices and no sound or music whatsoever, and the entire game can be finished in half an hour.

The story involves Hitomi's parents being assailed by debt collectors from the yakuza. Her father is hospitalized from shock following the bankruptcy of his company and her mother disappears. Hitomi is continually harassed by the debtors and told that in order to pay back the debt, she has to work at a soapland, a strip club, or a host club. She initially refuses, but changes her mind since a normal job would not make her enough money to repay her family's debts, and she would also be unable to pay her father's hospital bills. She is then raped by her captors with the intention of imparting sexual experience on her before taking the job.

The first choice has three options for each of the three jobs. After viewing them all, the story progresses to the point where Hitomi starts to run her own S&M club, called "Sodom & Gomorrah". There are two choices for male-on-female or female-on-male domination, and three types of sexual acts for each pairing, for a total of six scenes. One of the scenes even depicts coprophilia. After watching at least one scene for each dominant pairing, the player is presented with a choice to continue or end the game.

In the game's ending scene, two nude photographs of an actual pornographic model are shown.


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  主演    憂本  瞳
   男     神谷  宏

  監督    西村  トオル

シナリオ   高藤  恭胤
  構成    小川  真
  技術    石田  美紀夫
デザイン   内山  彰議
組み立て   工藤  一雄
  監修    森脇 淳

企画・制作  西武企画
著作権    株式会社メディック




  • This game may have been nothing more than an experiment produced by Seibu Kikaku to determine if unlicensed game development for the Super Famicom was even possible. According to an interview, one of the developers bribed a staff member at a licensed game company for a set of development materials for the Super Famicom, which were used in the production of this game. The lack of sound may be explained by the fact that there were no documents related to the sound system in the development materials he received.[1]
  • Kyouin Takafuji (高藤恭胤), who was the head of Seibu Kikaku, is credited with "scenario" in the ending credits. As neither EJ Corporation nor its head of staff, Kazuaki Hashimoto (橋本和明) are listed in the credits, this may suggest that the production of the game was outsourced, or that it was produced before EJ Corporation had been officially established.
  • Despite its severe lack of content, this game was sold at a very high price of 12,800 yen, even after EJ Corporation's other titles were released. (For comparison, SM Choukyoushi Hitomi Vol. 2, which had considerably more content, was priced at 9,800 yen.)
  • The credits list Uimoto Hitomi (憂本瞳) as the "lead role," presumably the person whose photo is displayed on the title screen. There was at one point a gravure model going by the same name who appeared in an adult magazine in 1993, which may explain the origin of the name "Hitomi."[2]