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SM Choukyoushi Hitomi Vol. 2 (SM調教師瞳 VOL.2) is an unlicensed adult Super Famicom game developed by EJ Corporation and published by Seibu Kikaku.


SMCH2 02


The game is essentially a "training" game (judging by the name of the game because "調教師" is a Japanese word for "trainer" commonly used in BDSM contexts), where the goal is to manage the captive Hitomi's various stats. The player can go to school once per day to enact various events involving Hitomi, or train Hitomi in a dungeon, all of which involves plenty of adult content. Training Hitomi depletes stamina and increases or decreases other stats by certain amounts. There are several endings, depending on Hitomi's final condition.

The game features a password system. By entering a password with all zeroes, one can access a debug menu, which contains CG, music, and ending tests. Interestingly, some dumps of the game feature a ROM version number in the debug menu, with the exact date of assembly included.

Other Versions[]

Another commercially released version of this game exists, titled SM Choukyoushi Hitomi 2 REMIX. Changes from the original include rebalanced difficulty, a slightly modified interface, and additional endings.

According to the back of the box, this version had a limited production run of 5,000 units, and the individual number of each copy can be seen on the front of the box. In reality, there were about 15,000 units produced in total, and the number on the box was reset at least three times.[1]

Additionally, various ROM images can be found online of what appear to be beta releases of the game and its "remix" counterpart. There was apparently even a trial version of the game that was made available at some point.

A CD-ROM included with the book Underground Games Reader (裏ゲーム読本) contains ROM images of both the trial version and the unreleased MSX version of Vol. 2.[2]


  • Cartridges used by the game were sourced from previously legitimate Super Famicom games with the ROM chip replaced and a new label placed over the old game's label (this is even acknowledged on the back of the box). The most common of the games that were replaced was Zico Soccer, although others were known to be used. This was done in order to cut costs, since the original games could be purchased in bulk for a low price, as well as to avoid infringing on Nintendo's exclusive rights to manufacture Super Famicom cartridges.
  • Entering a password with all 'C's will start the game on the 28th day with most of Hitomi's stats at very high levels.
  • Censored portions of the game can be removed by moving the cursor over the censoring while holding a button on the second controller.
  • According to the website of Geromi Eroba, one of the staff members that contributed to the game's art and music, there was an also an MSX version in development at some point. However, a commercial MSX version was never released. The unreleased MSX version of the game that exists in ROM format was only used for debugging purposes, as the game's codebase could be compiled for both the MSX and the Super Famicom.



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