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The SNES Fighting engine is used by unlicensed game developers (mainly accredited to DVS Electronic Co.) that was used in every unlicensed one-on-one fighting game that has been collected and documented so far.

Engine specifics[]

Although there are very slight changes done throughout the series of games that utilize this engine (such as super meters), there are consistencies that are carried over into each itineration.

  • Capcom audio: Games utilize music taken directly from several Capcom SNES games (Final Fight 2, Street Fighter II) as well as sound samples or sound effects used by Capcom games. Earlier games using this engine still use Capcom sound effects, but use either original music or versions of music found in other unlicensed Mega Drive releases.
  • No throwing / Combo system: No games feature any grappling or throwing moves done by characters in close quarters. Additionally, there is no “real” combo system in place, rather the ability to link attacks into the other inconsistently due to poor hit detection.
  • Weird hitboxes: Moves do not hit consistently, often hitting when they shouldn’t or harmlessly passing through the sprite.
  • Low framerate / Floaty jumps: Animation and sprite movement is never smooth, appearing similar to an emulator on frameskip. Jumping has both a jerky appearance and characters move as if they have no inertia.
  • Simple button mapping: Most games use only two buttons; one for punch and another for kicks. There are slight deviations from this, such as Soul Blade using the shoulder buttons for a line-sway dodge and The King of Fighters 2000 having a rudimentary weak/fierce 4 button pattern.
  • Missing audio channel: Most songs have (except the ones in earlier games) audio channel removed, e.g Ken's theme from Street Fighter II is missing the notes at the start and Final Fight 2 songs no longer have a "wet" echo.

Games using the engine[]