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Sachen Superpack is the name given to three Sachen compilation released around 1999. These were the built-in games selections for at least two known Sachen plug-and-play console released the same year.

The games are in general identical to the versions seen on the Sachen Super Cartridges compilations, with some exceptions.

  • Pyramid was renamed to Mr.Stone and the copyright was updated accordingly to 1999.
  • World of Card Games is presented in its original form, unsegmented.
  • Some games are presented in their original chinese version (Bingo 75), while some others are the international revision (Penguin & Seal)

Game list[]

Version A[]

  1. Twin Eagle
  2. Colorful Dragon (as Tagin' Dragon)
  3. Pipe 5
  4. Millionaire
  5. Locksmith
  6. Mr.Stone (Rebranded Pyramid)
  7. Metal Fighter
  8. Integral (Jumps to Magic Mathematics)
  9. Fraction (Magic Mathematics)
  10. Equation with one unknow (Magic Mathematics)
  11. Compound Exercise (Magic Mathematics)

    Menu screen of version A.

  12. Mathematic Block (Magic Mathematics)
  13. Little Red Hood
  14. Magic Cube
  15. Jump Chess (Chinese Checkers)

Version B[]

  1. Sidewinder
  2. Jovial Race
  3. Omnibus Hearts (World of Card Games)
  4. Fan Tan (World of Card Games)
  5. Chinese Rummy (World of Card Games)
  6. The Clock (World of Card Games)
  7. Tasac

    Menu screen of version B.

  8. Penguin and Seal
  9. Dancing Block
  10. Master Chu and Drunkard Hu
  11. Galactic Crusader
  12. Bingo 75 (Chinese version)
  13. Lucky 777

Version C[]

Features the games from both Version A and B, with B games being first in the list. It appears to be the version commonly included with the Magic Joy Sachen plug-and-play console, which has physical similarities to a Sega Dreamcast controller.


  • The menu engine and hardware is similar to another Taiwanese multicart from the same era known as Tetris Family 19-in-1. Other cartridges bearing similar covers have been found with a copyright to Nippon Backup Star.
  • So far, only version A and C consoles have been identified. But, while there appears to be a consistency in regard to game selection (so called version) and the console design itself, each box has had an additional sticker specifying the game selection added afterward. This suggest that the consoles were made with what was available at the moment and depending of the incoming consumers' orders.