Publisher Zechess
Developer Hummer Team
Console VT03
Date 2006
Engine various
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine

The Samuri 60-in-1 (or simply Samuri) console is a plug & play controller developed by Hummer Team and published by Zechess. It includes 60 minigames.


The system has a multicart with 60 minigames on it, some of which are individual acts extrapolated from The Hummer. After completing each minigame, the player gets a star, which is stored in the Star Bank. The game is "completed" once the player gets all 60 stars.

Some of the games on the Samuri were later reused on the ZDog plug and play, albeit with digitized sounds.

List of games

  1. Kangaroo Fighter
  2. Tomatina
  3. Speed Hummer
  4. Big Crab
  5. Hummer Star
  6. Jelly Motor Boat
  7. Sky Zoo
  8. Cute Heads
  9. Drumfire
  10. Big Hammer
  11. San Fermin
  12. Greedy Frog
  13. Duck Runaway
  14. Fruit War
  15. Matching
  16. Puppy Saver
  17. Seals
  18. Hummer Hero
  19. Country Road
  20. Hummer Tunnel
  21. Volley Ball
  22. Lion vs Zebra
  23. Harpoon
  24. Catch Kitty
  25. Hummer Snow
  26. Lobster
  27. Hummer Final
  28. Moose and Water
  29. Egypt
  30. Hummer Marble
  31. Butter Fly
  32. Hummer Hill
  33. Screamer
  34. Gorilla Hunt
  35. Bear Fighter
  36. Hummer Yard
  37. Ostrich Fighter
  38. Living Room
  39. Hummer Bomb
  40. Beach Ball
  41. Bear Hunt
  42. Hummer Swim
  43. Samurai
  44. Angel Choir
  45. Cross Street
  46. Hummer Night
  47. Kangaroo Hunt
  48. Air Combat
  49. Ice Skating
  50. Deer Hunt
  51. Juggling Stunts
  52. Ostrich Hunt
  53. Hummer Hole
  54. Gorilla Fighter
  55. China Wall
  56. Hummer Fall
  57. Diplopod War
  58. Ice Bricks
  59. Crazy Cats
  60. Star Bank


  • The manual seems to be based on early version of the Samuri, because there are several differences between the manual and the actual game. For example, the manual has Mad Dogs instead of Crazy Cats.
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