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San Guo Zhi: Qun Xiong Zheng Ba (The Romance of Three Kingdoms: The Fight Of Heroes' Pleiades) is a fighting game in the setting of the Chinese era of Three Kingdoms made by ASDER at an unknown date. This, most likely, has nothing to do with Koei's Three Kingdoms-based 3D fighting game, Dynasty Warriors.


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Gameplay screenshot.

This game doesn't use a 'traditional' Street Fighter II engine, instead, it comes up with a heavily modified engine from Samurai Shodown. Several features that weren't present in any other fighting games on Famicom were included: a 'rage' gauge that may be refilled by holding BW+A and performing a super move when it's fully charged; three-tiered health bar; and, finally, the 'conquest' mode, where you have to eliminate all of your opponent's fortresses in order to win.

The game has six playable characters, with every of them selectable from the beginning (from left to right): Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Cao Ren, Mei Hu, and Lu Bu. However, during the 'conquest' mode, there are two more characters that are not playable the regular way: Shi Ren and Xie Seng. Both of them are slightly overpowered but have only two tiers of health at the very beginning.

In the 'arcade' mode, the player should defeat all six opponents (including his clone) in a specified order. Only nine continues are available for this type of game.

'Conquest' mode, in its' turn, proposes the player to choose one of two preset teams, with each having three characters. After the choice is done, the player has to decide which enemy's fortress he should siege. Once the fortress is selected, the attacker's staying on his own, while the defending side has Shi Ren, Xie Seng and the actual "defender" (stage "owner") appearing in the same defined order, King of Fighters style. Should only the attacker defeat one of the opponents, his health's being fully restored. Once all three opponent's fortresses fall, the player wins.


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