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== Gallery ==
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San Guo Zhi V
San Guo Zhi V title.jpg
Title screen.
Publisher SKOB
Developer SKOB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 1996
Sound engine High Seas Havoc

San Guo Zhi V (also known as Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Part V (Ch)[1]) is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive strategy game developed and published in Taiwan by SKOB possibly after 1996.

It is a direct port of Sangokushi V (Romance of the Three Kingdoms V), a Japan-exclusive game for Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC developed and published by Koei in 1996.

The game ROM contains a hidden credit for the battle system to Tsui-ChienHua of Never Ending Soft Team with a 1997 copyright date. This is one year after Chuanpu was said to have closed.

 *SANGO 5* SLG BATTLE SYSTEM  Written by TSUI-ChienHua   (C)1997 NeverEnding-Soft Team   IN TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   


The game is entirely in Chinese, so this could be also considered as a full translation from the Japanese original.

It retains most of the basic elements of the original, and seems to contain most (if not all) of the original campaigns and other elements (albeit without any FMV cutscenes).

The music seems to be a High Seas Havoc engine[2] conversion of the original CD audio soundtrack, and the HUD and most graphics seem to be the same across versions.



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