Sanguo Chunqiu: Sichuan Sheng
Title screen.
Publisher NT, Trump Grand, ABAB Soft
Developer Hummer Team
Console Famicom
Date 1996
Retail price 600 [TWD]
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine
Alternate names/hacks Sichuan Mahjong II / Shisen Mahjong 2
Three Country

Sanguo Chunqiu: Sichuan Sheng (三國春秋 四川省) also known as Sichuan Mahjong II (四川麻將II) or Shisen Mahjong II (from the Japanese romanisation of the latter title), is a Famicom game based on the mahjong solitaire game Shisensho, developed by Hummer Team and released in 1996 by NT. A fan translation patch was released in 2018 to make the game playable by English speakers.

Overview Edit


Gameplay screenshot (1P mode).

You can choose to play alone, against another player or in story mode. In 1 player mode, the goal is to clear the whole board while in other modes, you must make as much point as possible to go to the next stage. 2 pieces must be joined with less than 3 turns to remove them from the board.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the music used for cutscenes is the ending theme of Garou Densetsu Special with a different pitch. The other cutscene music is reused in The King of Fighters '96. The music used for gameplay and the ending in story mode is from Jing Ke Xin Zhuan.
  • It was re-released on the Power Joy Supermax Famiclone and the Power Joy Navigator by Trump Grand, called "Three Country" in the menu. It also appeared on a multicart listed on ABAB Soft's site, although it is unknown if the latter was released.

Gallery Edit

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