Senario 101 in 1 is multicart released by an unknown developer on an unknown date (possibly no earlier than 2003).


List of Games

  1. 1942 (removed two players mode)
  2. 10 Yard Fight
  3. Alpha Mission (Pyramid by Sachen)
  4. Antarctic Adventure
  5. Arabian (Super Arabian)
  6. Arkanoid (removed two players mode)
  7. Army Tank (Tank 1990 Varriant A. Battle City hack)

    Title screen of multicart

  8. Balloonfight (Balloon Fight)
  9. Baltron
  10. Baseball (Base Ball with not removed the word Nintendo)
  11. Binaryland (Binary Land)
  12. Bird Week
  13. Mighty Bomb Jack (without removed Tecmo copyrights)
  14. Bomb (game possibly made by Waixing or Nice Code)
  15. Bomber Man
  16. Bomber Man II (game by Nice Code)
  17. Brushroller (Brush Roller by Hwang Shinwei)
  18. Burger Time
  19. B-Wings
  20. Casino (game by Sachen)
  21. Chacknpop (Chack'n Pop)
  22. Challenger
  23. Champion (Urban Champion)
  24. Chess (Othello hack)
  25. Chinese Chess (Zhong Gun Xian Qi by Micro Genius)
  26. Circus (Circus Charlie with removed two players mode and title screen with plain text "Circus")
  27. Cityconnection (City Connection with removed two players mode)
  28. Cluclu land (Clu Clu Land)
  29. Field Combat
  30. Super Contra (removed two player mode and added level select)
  31. Devil World
  32. Dig Dug
  33. Dig Dug II
  34. Spar (Urban Champion hack)
  35. Dongkey Kong I (Donkey Kong)
  36. Dongkey Kong II (Donkey Kong Jr. with removed two players mode and changed title screen sayed King Kong II)
  37. Dongkey Kong III (Donkey Kong III)
  38. Door Door (removed two players mode)
  39. Lunar Pool (American version of Lunar Ball)
  40. Dough Boy
  41. Dragon Fire (Dragon fire game by Gametec. Removed title screen with plain text "Fire Dragon")
  42. Elevator (Elevator Action)
  43. Excite Bike (Excitebike with plain text in title screen)
  44. Exed Exes (removed two players mode)
  45. F1 Race
  46. Mach Rider
  47. Joust (removed two players mode)
  48. Tenms (Tennis with removed two players mode)
  49. Flappy
  50. Kyou (Xevious with removed two players mode)
  51. Soccer (removed two players mode)
  52. Formation Z
  53. Front Line
  54. Geimos (With "1997" in title screen)
  55. Golf (removed two players mode)
  56. Gyrodine
  57. Hyper Olympic
  58. Ice Climber (removed two players mode and title screen)
  59. Ice Hockey
  60. Volley Ball
  61. Zippy Race
  62. Karaki (Seicross with removed two players mode)
  63. Karateka
  64. Kung Fu (American version of Spartan X)
  65. Lode Runner
  66. Lode Runner II (Championship Lode Runner)
  67. Bokosuka Quest III (Bokosuka Wars hack)
  68. Super Dynamix (Super Dynamix Badminton)
  69. Volguard II
  70. Valkyrie (Choujikuu Yousai - Macross)
  71. Magmax
  72. Nibbles (Homebrew game by Damian Yerrick. Port of DOS game)
  73. Magic Mathematics (Donkey Jr. Math japanese version)
  74. Throw (Pirate version of Javelin Throw from Track & Field by Nice Code)
  75. Mappy (removed two players mode)
  76. Mario Bros
  77. Matching (Game by Nice Code)
  78. Exerion
  79. Nuts Milk (Nuts & Milk)
  80. Millipede (removed two players mode)
  81. Twin Bee
  82. Ninja 3 (Ninja Hattori Kun with removed title screen with plain text "Ninja 3")
  83. Ninja Guider (Ninja Kun with removed two players mode)
  84. Othello (Bit Corp. version)
  85. Russian Bricks (Tetris Tengen version)
  86. Pac Land
  87. Pacman (Pac Man with removed two players mode)
  88. Pinball
  89. Pooyan (removed two players mode)
  90. Porter (Hacked version of game from Caltron 6 in 1 multicart by NTDEC/Asder/Mega Soft/Caltron)
  91. Mouse Shooting (Hit Mouse by Nice Code)
  92. Pro Wrestling (Tag Team Pro Wrestling)
  93. Roadfighter (Road Fighter with removed Title Screen with plain text "Road Fighter)
  94. Shooting (Pirate version of Skeet Shooting from Track & Field by Nice Code)
  95. Wars (Penguin Kun Wars)
  96. Sky Destroyer
  97. Slalom (Antarctic Adventure hack)
  98. Warpman
  99. Sqoon
  100. Space Shooting (Space Invaders?)
  101. Star Force
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