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Sergei Suponev (January, 28 1963 - December, 8 2001) was a Russian TV host, most famously known for hosting game shows for children, considerably Zvyozdny Chas (Звёздный час, The Show Time) and award-winning Zov Djungley (Зов джунглей, Call of The Jungles), yet also infamous for being the permament host of Dendy: The New Reality.


Appearances on TV shows

Due to contract problems on Steepler's side, Suponev wasn't able to host The New Reality anymore, therefore, the company launched a new show called Mir Dendy, which, however, was a lackluster. Suponev appeared live on this show only once, as a host of the Killer Instinct tournament's finals. Outside the live-action TV, Suponev stars as Douglas's father in 1997's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Dandellion Wine directed by Igor Apasyan.

Scriptwriting and producing

Suponev also took leading roles in many of these days' popular TV shows, without actually participating in these as a host.

  • Do 16 i starshe (До 16 и старше, 16 Years And Older) - scriptwriter.
  • NYAM-NYAM (НЯМ-НЯМ, YUM-YUM) - creator.
  • Krugolya (Круголя) - creator.
  • Shaz Spoju (Щас спою, Gotta Sing Now) - creator.
  • Eti zabavnye zhivotniye (Эти забавные животные, Those Funny Animals) - creator.
  • 100% - producer.
  • Tzar gory (Царь Горы, King of the Hill; somewhat resembles Nickelodeon's Guts) - producer.
  • Sem bed - odin otvet (Семь бед - один ответ, lit. Seven Troubles - One Reply) - producer.
  • Sed'moe chuvstvo (Седьмое чувство, The Seventh Sense) - creator and producer.
  • Poslendiy geroy (Последний герой, Survivor, lit. The Last Hero) - creator and producer.
  • Sami s usami (Сами с усами, freely translated as We Have Our Whiskers On) - creator and producer.


Unfortunately, on December 8th, 2001, Sergei died from a snowmobile accident in Tver Oblast. He was 38. He shall be missed.