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Sergei Suponev (January, 28 1963 - December, 8 2001) was a Russian TV host, most famously known for hosting game shows for children, considerably Zvyozdny Chas (Звёздный час, The Show Time) and award-winning Zov Djungley (Зов джунглей, Call of The Jungles), yet also infamous for being the permament host of Dendy: The New Reality.


Appearances on TV shows[]

Due to contract problems on Steepler's side, Suponev wasn't able to host The New Reality anymore, therefore, the company launched a new show called Mir Dendy, which, however, was a lackluster. Suponev appeared live on this show only once, as a host of the Killer Instinct tournament's finals. Outside the live-action TV, Suponev stars as Douglas's father in 1997's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Dandellion Wine directed by Igor Apasyan.

Scriptwriting and producing[]

Suponev also took leading roles in many of these days' popular TV shows, without actually participating in these as a host.

  • Do 16 i starshe (До 16 и старше, 16 Years And Older) - scriptwriter.
  • NYAM-NYAM (НЯМ-НЯМ, YUM-YUM) - creator.
  • Krugolya (Круголя) - creator.
  • Shaz Spoju (Щас спою, Gotta Sing Now) - creator.
  • Eti zabavnye zhivotniye (Эти забавные животные, Those Funny Animals) - creator.
  • 100% - producer.
  • Tzar gory (Царь Горы, King of the Hill; somewhat resembles Nickelodeon's Guts) - producer.
  • Sem bed - odin otvet (Семь бед - один ответ, lit. Seven Troubles - One Reply) - producer.
  • Sed'moe chuvstvo (Седьмое чувство, The Seventh Sense) - creator and producer.
  • Poslendiy geroy (Последний герой, Survivor, lit. The Last Hero) - creator and producer.
  • Sami s usami (Сами с усами, freely translated as We Have Our Whiskers On) - creator and producer.


Unfortunately, on December 8th, 2001, Sergei died from a snowmobile accident in Tver Oblast. He was 38. He shall be missed.