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Shenzhen Ren Shun Technology Co., Ltd. (深圳市仁顺科技有限公司) is a Chinese manufacturer of Famicom and OneBus-based hardware. The company was founded sometime in 2011.[1]

The company has primarily developed handhelds such as the RS-16, but they have also developed a few Famiclones[2] and a handful of Famicom multicarts.[3]

Ren Shun is known for releasing their products under the Coolbaby brand name; Coolbaby is often mistaken for the company's name.



  • FC Pocket (RS-20)
  • RS-1
  • RS-2A
  • RS-2S
  • RS-4
  • RS-8
  • RS-8A
  • RS-8D
  • RS-9
  • RS-10
  • RS-12
  • RS-13
  • RS-15
  • RS-16
  • RS-17
  • RS-18
  • RS-19
  • RS-21
  • X6
  • X8
  • X9

Plug and plays[]

  • FC Compact - A direct ripoff of the Famicom.
  • PAP1000 - Based on the PlayStation 2
  • 289-in-1 Video Game Machine (289合1电视游戏机)



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