Shi Kong Xing Shou


Vast Fame


Vast Fame


Game Boy Color

Sound engine

Capcom (Mega Man V engine)



Alternate Names

Space Time Star Beast, Spatio Monoster [1]

Shi Kong Xing Shou is Pokemon-esque role playing game by Vast Fame.


A boy named Ballot finds that his father found the Moon is glowing blue. And 2 days later, Ballot's father is missing. Also, his dog turned into Galactic Beast. Ballot takes his dog and takes a journey to find his father.


The player journeys every places to solve mysteries and collect Engine Crystal pieces(動力晶片), and change characters to across some traps.

This game's battle system is same of Pokemon; Turn-based battle, Capture system, Beast deposit system. Unlike pokemon, this game doesn't support Multiplay. This also supports 'Pokedex', but you can't search Beasts in any other order and you'll just find Beasts' trivia.

Each Beasts have stats same as Pokemon; Hit Points, Attack(攻擊), Defense(防禦), Special Attack(法力), Special Defense(魔防), Speed(速度). You can only check out their Special Attack stat when they level up.

The sprites of Beasts are from Pokemon, Digimon, Keitai Denjuu Telefang, Shin Megami Tensei : Devil Children, Mega Man Series.[2]

Also, this game lacks balance. For example, One-Hit KO moves have high accuracy, Some of high-damage inflicting moves(like Close Combat(無雙)) have too much PP for it, Shop and Beast Center are available at most places.

The dump of this game is available.[3]

Playable Characters

They're introduced in main title, except their names.

  • Ballot(巴洛特) - A protagonist of the game. A boy started journey to find out his lost father. His partner Beast is Bladeberus(藍靈犬 - approximitely translated as 'Blue Soul Dog').
  • Buck(巴克) - Available during Episode 1. A robot boy who has human's mind. He lives in State of Science(科技城) with Professor Leo(). He can go across the crate. His partner Beast is Beattro(機械鳥 - translated as ' Mechnical Bird').
  • Nina(妮娜) - Available during Episode 2. A lady who lives in Shanda Farm(産達農場), located at south of Roughyrough City(多魯市). Her brother, Mark(馬克), is seriously damaged by sheep excited by coffee scent. So she's finding the way how to resurrect her brother. She can get rid of spiky grasses. Her partner Beast is Electreep(小綿羊 - approximately translated as 'Small Cotton Sheep').
  • Claude(克勞德) - Available during Episode 3. A man who lives with animals in Woody Sea(綠林海) a lot. He's also son of Banglin Co. Ltd(邦林企業)'s owner. He can talk with animals. His partner Beast is Chromanix(鸚鵡獸 - translated as 'Parrot Beast').
  • Helen(海藍) - Available after Episode 4. A mermaid who is crushed into Anton(安東), a scientist in Dong-yu city(東漁市). She's able to swim the water. Her partner Beast is Merlith(人魚, translated as 'Merperson').
  • Lante(藍特) - Available during Episode 5. A boy who loves playing flute a lot, also able to do hypnosis with his flute melodies. His partner Beast is Muserode(音樂靈, translated as 'Music Soul').
  • Newton(雷德*1) - Available during Episode 6. A scientist who reserches about dimensions, and boasts himself a lot. He wants to resurrect Tree of Divine(神木). He can pass through dark matters. His partner Beast is Signaliton(時空獸, translated ad 'Space Time Beast').
  • Mitt(米特) - Available after Episode 7. A astronomer's son, who lost his parents by bear recently. Shocked by his parents' death, he became unconsious and he's in hospital of State of Dreaming Star(星夢城). He can make items(somtimes fails) for 5 times. His partner Beast is Drawvile(彩繪精, approximately translated as 'Drawing Elemental')
  • 1 : His name's pronounciation is 'Lei De'


  • 'Pokedex' is full of data once you save the game and reset, and load the save file.
  • When you use Roar(狼嚎) while in boss battles, the game will crash.
  • If you have 5 or more Beasts in your deposit system and you take out the beasts to left them 4 or less, The graphics will crash and you have to wait for a while.
  • Place changing will take over 10 seconds.
  • Rarely the game crashes when you use moves; It'll wipe out your save data.


  • As its poster says, this game is only published in Chinese.
  • This game has official walkthrough, with Sheng Shou Wu Yu.[4]


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