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This article is about the Sega Mega Drive hack by BMB. For the Game Boy Advance game by Sintax named Shrek 2 in Chinese, see Shrek Prezessin.

Shrek 2 is a sprite hack of the Sega Mega Drive game The Ottifants made by BMB. The hack replaces the main character with one loosely based off Shrek and also translates all the text to Russian.


When you skip the logo screen without a logo, the plot screen appears (which was supposed to be the copyright screen in the original game) which reads "Shrek goes in search of magic idols and falls into the cycle of the event ... Shrek 2".


  • When the title screen with options appears, the "Shrek 2" logo is missing, and Bruno's dad doesn't appear.
  • Bruno's dad has been erased from the game.
  • The gummy bears remain intact.
  • When Shrek collects 3 yellow popsicles, turns into Super Shrek and flies, random tiles appear where Shrek's head should be.
  • The continue screen is missing Bruno blowing bubbles, making the bubbles appear from nowhere.