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Silk 2 is a hack of Silkworm released in 2003 by an unknown developer. The hack is themed after the Iraq War, with the player being led by George W. Bush.


The title screen is replaced with an image of a distressed George W. Bush standing next to a smirking Saddam Hussein, with planes crashing in the background. The story is rewritten to read "The Iraq support terrorist, activities for long [sic]. For world peace, we will stop it. Set out immediately. Roger."; the second story frame is replaced with an image of Bush. The players are seemingly still intended to be Robert and Stacey from the original game, who oddly retain their spacesuit-like outfits.

In-game, the helicopter and Jeep are replaced with an F-16 and an M1A1. Most of the enemy and background graphics are changed; level 1 replaces the mountains and hills with a cityscape, with some buildings featuring posters of Saddam Hussein. The final boss is changed to a robot; the font is also altered.


  • Strangely, all known cartridge releases feature very generic imagery on the label, with no indication that the game is themed after the Iraq War.