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Sinango, aka Dongguan Changping Xin An Industry Co., Ltd (东莞市常平信安实业有限公司) is a Chinese manufacturer of various game consoles. Its Hong Kong division is Powerking Int'l Development Ltd. (香港力嘉国际发展有限公司)

The company began as a plastic manufacturer, making parts for Subor and other companies. Today some of their consoles still share shells with Subor products, notably both companies' penguin-style Famiclones.

Their products include Famiclones such as the infamous Power Player Super Joy III and Power Kracker. In recent years the company has been manufacturing Wii clones such as the Vii (non-JungleTac versions).

Their Wii clones are usually are available in 8-bit versions (containing either Famicom games or Waixing-copyrighted titles), 16-bit versions (containing games believed to be by Nanjing) or 32-bit (containing games by Shenzhen Niutai Technology Development Co., Ltd). Recently they appear to have focused on making 32-bit 3D consoles.