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Smart Mouse (歡樂淘氣鼠) is a Sega Mega Drive game published by Ming/Super Chip and possibly developed by Chuanpu.


Smart Mouse gameplay 2

Gameplay screenshot.

The game is essentially a clone of Don't Pull by Capcom (originally part of the Three Wonders arcade compilation, also released as a stand-alone mobile game) which was itself a clone/update of Sega's Pengo, although the graphics and characters appear to be original. As in those two games, the player must defeat all the enemies in a single-screen level by pushing blocks to squash them.


The sound engine is taken from Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, and the stage intro/clear music is reused from that game; some of the other tracks are based on those from Don't Pull, while one is from Gamtec's Famicom game The Universe Soldiers. The musician credited for this game is Hanmin Liao, who often worked for Gamtec, but most of the other staff appear to be from Chuanpu.


  • 製作總監: 林碧智 - Production Director: Lin Bizhi
  • 腳本計劃: 余淑娟 - Script Planning: Yu Shujuan
  • 程式設計: 巫慧蘭 - Program Design: Wu Huilan
  • 美術設計: 林浚瑩 - Art Design: Lin Junying
  • 美工設計: 林姿宜 - Art Design: Lin Ziyi
  • 音樂製作: 廖漢民 - Music: Liao Hanmin
  • 測試檢驗: 王雅芳 - Testing: Wang Yafang



  • An unused title screen exists in the game, which can be accessed using cheat codes. [1]
  • The game has the ID no. GM-95401 - similar IDs were used by other Chuanpu and Gamtec Mega Drive games.
  • An intermission plays after every 10 stages. These are mostly identical to the intermissions from Don't Pull, but Pengo also featured similar intermissions, which were probably ultimately inspired by PAC-MAN.
  • A version of this game's title screen music would be featured in the Waixing VT02 plug and play game Dark Castle, a hack of a Famicom/NES port of the Intellivision game Thunder Castle made by Nice Code Software.

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