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Smeshariki Title screen.png
Title screen.
Hack of Mr. Nutz
Publisher Unknown
Developer BMB
Original developer Ocean
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2009(?)

Smeshariki: Krosh's Adventure is a hack of Mr. Nutz based on the Russian cartoon show Smeshariki (also known as Kikoriki in English).


Smeshariki's gameplay.

"In the country of Smesrariks the Smeshariki are celebrating the end of an invention contest, with the winner invention being the dream machine. But Krosh accidently activates the machine, which warps him to DreamLand. Will Krosh be able to get out?"
The plot as told by the game


  • The tomato enemy sprite is replaced with a sprite of the main protagonist from an Famicom game called Snow Bros..
  • Krosh's sprite is taken from a mobile game called "Hard Handies: The Beginning".
  • The game has a glitch that can break the game after you beat the first level.
  • When opened in a hex editor it says programmed by TOF and compiled on 27 May, 2009.