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Snow Brothers 3: Magical Adventure is a action game made for Arcade machines, developed by Syrmex Electronics and released in 2002.


The game is a extensive hack of the original Snow Bros. released by Toaplan in 1990. On this hack, you will play as generic characters that like soccer: Player 1 will wear the national Mexico team uniform, while Player 2 wear the national South Korea team uniform. The game has no specific story unlike the original, but the gameplay remain largely the same.


Besides of Toaplan closing their doors in 1994, many people from it founded their own companies, such as Raizing / Eighting, Cave, Takumi and Gazelle. However, since Snow Bros. has very addictive gameplay, the game was bootlegged in original form from various companies around the world. Many companies such as SunA and SemiCom started to make their games to run in similar hardware from Snow Bros., and sometimes, they are exclusive from Asia (mainly from South Korea and China). However, since bootlegging games in countries where piracy was abundant, such as most of Latin America countries, one company from Mexico called Syrmex Electronics developed their own Snow Bros. hack, initially named as Snow Brothers 3: Prehistoric Adventure. But with advent of the FIFA World Cup 2002 occurring in Japan and South Korea, they changed the name to Snow Brothers 3: Magical Adventure and released it in order to promote the event. So, this is why the characters transform the enemies in soccer balls instead of snow balls. The game became quickly popular in Mexico, as the country rarely made games on its own.


  • The game has recycled assets from various other games, and even from wallpapers around the Internet. For a example:
    • The game has a Spawn wallpaper in background in Stage 20, where the player fight the second boss;
    • On Stage 30, the third boss are the Cacodemons from Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth, and they spit fishes instead of birds;
    • On Stage 40, the wallpaper in background features the Ghost Rider;
    • The Game Over screen features a skull inside onto a star-circle;
    • The ending features a bunch of woman in lingerie, probably taken from some adult website.
  • Snow Brothers 3: Magical Adventure has original music, but the music is played via an PCM soundchip, instead of YM3812, a FM soundchip used in the original game. However, the music used seems to be from MIDI files, and converted from game soundchip format.
  • The game's hardware shares some similarities with the Sega Mega Drive.
  • There is a title screen hack of the game called Ball Boy, and does not have the developer or publisher in the screen.