Fighter sonic

Fighter Sonic Title Screen

Sonic 3: Fighter Sonic (also known as Fighter Sonic) is a pirate game for the Game Boy Advance.

It uses music from Vast Fame though it is believed to have been developed by Sintax.

It seems very hard to find a ROM dump for this game.


In this game, you play as Sonic The Hedgehog. You can move left, right, and jump. Your form of attacking is "Spindashing" You do the spindashing animation but you throw "spindashes" at foes. Also, Sonic can only walk in this game, even unlike how slow he may seem in Sonic Adventure 7, he atleast runs, but here, he only walks.

Other versions

This game uses the same engine as a string of other GBA platform games likely made by Sintax, including Rayman IV and a Spider-Man game. This engine suffers from a number of bugs, particularly with the audio.



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