Sonic 3: Fighter Sonic
Fighter sonic
Title Screen
Publisher Sintax
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Advance
Date Unknown (Likely after 2001)
Sound engine Vast Fame?
Alternate names/hacks Rayman IV, Crash Advance IV, Digimon Adventure (Original) (GBA)

Sonic 3: Fighter Sonic (also known as Fighter Sonic) is a pirate game for the Game Boy Advance.

It uses music from Vast Fame though it is believed to have been developed and published by Sintax since it shares an engine with several of their other GBA games such as Digimon Adventure and Crash Advance IV.


As stated, this game uses the same engine as a string of other GBA platform games likely made by Sintax. You can move left, right, and jump. Here, your projectile attack is throwing "spin dashes" at the opponent. This engine suffers from a number of bugs, particularly with the audio.

Most if not all of the sprites in this game are ripped from Sonic Advance and its sequels. Notably, Sonic's life icon is his Sonic Advance life icon except it has sunglasses. The sound when collecting rings was stolen from Pokemon Red/Blue. The graphics seem to be taken from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 but with less animation frames [1], It has 4 levels in this game. There are rings throughout the levels but they seem to have no effect. Sonic does not lose rings when hit, rather he has a health meter. There is a score counter which is increased various ways. [2]

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