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Soul Blade is a pirated port of the PlayStation game of the same name, made for the SNES and Sega Mega Drive by an unknown developer in 1997. The Genesis version was released as "Soulblade Super" and lacks the "1997 SFC VERSION" text found in the SNES version.


The controls are considered bad, as there is a delay when attacking your opponent.

The fighting engines are recycled from Tekken 2 and Tekken Special.

The SNES version only has 6, the Mega Drive version has only 9.

The final boss in the SNES version is Li Long with a very messy color palette, the Mega Drive version only has Cerevantes and Shadow Cerevantes (Who is most likely Soul Edge, especially Li Long in the SNES version.)

Only the Mega Drive version can show the normal color palette of Li Long.

The SNES shows a hint of English on the start screen by the words "PUSH START BUTTOM" which is most likely used in Sonic Jam 6.