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Soul Falchion (格鬥劍神) is a Game Boy Color fighting game developed by Vast Fame and originally released in 2002.


Soul Falchion screenshot

A gameplay screenshot.

Soul Falchion is a weapon-based fighting game using Takara's engine from their Game Boy The King of Fighters games.

It has 20 characters, most (if not all) of which are based on characters from SNK's Last Blade and Samurai Shodown series, renamed (some with names taken from Mortal Kombat), slightly modified and recolored. The sprites are smaller versions of the sprites used in the Neo Geo Pocket Color games.

Its sound engine is stolen from Capcom's Mega Man V but the music itself is original.


There are at least four versions known to exist: the original copy protected Taiwanese single cart release, an alternate release, a version found in multicarts released by Vast Fame, and a pirate hack named Capcom Fight 2003, which hacks in a splash screen and a completely new title screen. All four versions are dumped and are able to be emulated. The most notable difference between the alternate release and the other official versions is that on the title screen, the character featured is changed from Kang to Saibot and the title uses simplified Chinese instead of traditional Chinese and is now blue instead of red. In both the alternate release and the Capcom Fight 2003 hack, the the intro only fades out certain colours in the character portraits, while in the original single cart and multicart versions, the fade out applies to everything on screen.

The multicart version of Soul Falchion is likely an earlier build of the game, and contains a few differences from the other known versions:

  • All of the music is taken from Super Fighter 2001 Alpha, another fighting game by Vast Fame (although even the other versions share some tracks with that game, including the title screen).
  • Many of the characters use a different palette in the multicart version, possibly as a leftover from Super Fighter 2001 Alpha.  For example, Lulu is orange in the multicart version but her proper green color in both the single cart versions.



Soul Falchion (GBC)

A full gameplay


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  • The game's name in the header is "Gals Fighters", which appears to be a leftover from Vast Fame's all-female fighting game Queen Fighter 2000. Graphics of the character select screen and win portraits can be found in the Soul Falchion ROM.
  • A title screen hack of this game is called Capcom Fight 2003, despite not featuring any Capcom characters.
  • All characters have unique win quotes written in (poorly translated) English, but all share the same ending.
  • The dumped version has a "Soul" boot logo which would replace Nintendo's if played using the original cart on a real Game Boy. This is unusual for both Vast Fame and Li Cheng, as both usually used their own custom logos (Vast Fame's being their own name, and Li Cheng's being "Niutoude")
  • The music can sometimes speed up or slow down at different points in the game, such as between the title screen and the options menu. In the case of the title screen, this is due to leftover code from Super Fighter 2001 Alpha that was originally use to animate the fire on that game's title screen. This code would animate the fire in an unoptimized manner by copying too many tiles to VRAM and cause performance of the game to slow down, which affected the music. Despite Soul Falchion's title screen not using any background animations, the animation routine is still executed and causes the music to slow down on the title screen.
  • On the intro screen, the character Sonya is portrayed to look very similar to Samurai Shodown 4's Sogetsu, but in-game plays more like Mai Shiranui. Ironically, the Soul Falchion character, Kider is the Sogetsu Clone, despite being fashioned after Asura.
  • The VS mode in this game allows the player to link with a copy of The King of Fighters '97 for the Game Boy, however the match will not stay synchronized if this is done[1]