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Space Shuttle Exploration is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game created by Hummer Technology and released on a 4-in-1 multicart by ABAB Soft, and some Famiclones by Trump Grand.

Enemies do not seem to appear in any fixed patterns, rather they keep appearing until you shoot a certain number, after which the stage ends and points are tallied up. Each stage introduces some new enemies and increases the rate at which they appear.

The only music in the game is a short jingle on the title screen, and a game over theme which is a modified version of the character select music from Tekken 2.

There is an alternate version of the game, which - despite still being titled Space Shuttle Exploration - replaces all of the spaceships with cars on a solid orange background. This version was seemingly created for the Power Joy Turbo Racer plug & play.

Rinco connections[]

The ROM of this game contains some references to Rinco (Ramar International), the publisher of The Dragon, an unused logo animation similar to that seen in The Dragon, and unused copyright tiles including "96", which may indicate the game was originally developed in 1996.


The game is known to be on these multicarts:

  • 4-in-1 multicart by ABABSoft with Cattou Ninden Teyandee, Avengers, & Chip & Dale 3 (Heavy Barrel hack) [1] (if released)
  • 60-in-1 multicart packed with Power Joy Supermax by Trump Grand
  • 50-in-1 multicart packed with Power Joy Navigator by Trump Grand
  • Excalibur 101 in 1 (manufactured by by Trump Grand), as Space Destroyer Exploration (on the title screen) or Space Destroyer (on the menu)
  • It was also listed in a game list provided by the manufacturer of the D-CAT 8 console (aka Vangard 8-bit GameCore), but was not included in the released console.
  • Possible earlier release by Rinco (?).