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Spiderman 3
Title screen.
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2004
Sound engine Pokémon Pinball

Spiderman 3 is an unlicensed game for the Game Boy Color. Despite the name, it is based on the 2002 film, Spider-Man rather than the third film.


Cutscene for the first level.

The game's overall plot appears to be based on the first Spider-Man movie.

"Ben. Parker, a normal high school student, after the bite of a radiant spider, he had various super power: walking on the wall; and ceiling, give off cobweb, etc.

At the beginning, Parker only used his power to earn private pocket money, but when his beloved uncle murdered by the bad guys, he promised he would attack the crime depend on

Norman. Osborn, the famous scientist, his classmate's father. Managed a chemical appliance company.

In one experiment, Normn coincidentally breathed in nerve gas, emerged the evil characteristics, became the "green goblin" hated by everyone, With the purpose of controlling the whole world he made

Spider-man, the hero, with the heart of protecting justice, would take steps to sentence Green. Goblin's crime. So, broke the war between fair and evil."

The game plays a bit similar to the official Spider-Man game for the Game Boy Color, but a bit clunkier. He can punch, jump and shoot a web ball at his enemies as well as climb walls.


Movie Version - Spider-Man 3 (Unlicensed, English) -Fixed- 01.png

  • The music is taken from Pokémon Pinball for the Game Boy Color.
  • Sintax created another game using this engine titled Chuan Shuo. There are no known changes save for a couple graphical differences.