SpongeBob SquarePants
Spongebob 000
Title screen
Hack of Cool Spot
Publisher Unknown
Developer KDS (?)
Cart ID(s) Unknown
Original developer Virgin Games USA
Console Sega Mega Drive
Engine Same as original

SpongeBob SquarePants is a Russian hack of the game Cool Spot for Sega Mega Drive.

Overview Edit

The hack uses the European version of Cool Spot as a basis, as said version removed the 7up references from the game, SpongeBob doesn't have them either. The hack is also in Russian and starts at Wading Around (the fourth stage in the original game) instead of Shell Shock. The rest of the levels are in a different order and the beach ones take place at night. Strangely, the bonus levels are replaced with repeats of levels that were just completed.

According to a translation of the beginning screen, the story is that SpongeBob receives a mysterious letter that mentions about SpongeBob's brother needing help.

Level Order Edit

  1. Wading Around
  2. Surf Patrol
  3. Shell Shock
  4. Pier Pressure
  5. Dock and Roll

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  • The channel Hobo Bros (which is owned by SMG4) made a video of this game's gameplay.[1]

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