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SpongeBob SquarePants is a Russian hack of Cool Spot for Sega Mega Drive.


The hack uses the European version of Cool Spot, which removes most references to the 7-up brand, as a basis. Most of the text has been translated to Russian, and the level order has been rearranged; the first level played is Wading Around, an area surrounded by water and toy boats, and only five levels from the original game are presented to the player. The body of the player character, Spot, has been changed to resemble SpongeBob better, and various objects such as the Cool Point tokens are now yellow to reflect this. Another notable graphical change is found in the beach levels, which now take place at night.

According to a translation of the beginning screen, the story starts with SpongeBob receiving a mysterious letter about his brother, who needs his help.

Level Order[]

  1. Wading Around
  2. Surf Patrol
  3. Shell Shock
  4. Pier Pressure
  5. Dock and Roll

The game ends after Dock and Roll. The rest of levels from the original game are only accessible using the debug menu code (AABBCCCCBBAAAABBCC), although they are referred to by level number and not their primary name.




Spongebob region lock screen

The region lock screen with SpongeBob yawning.

  • While most of SpongeBob's sprites are custom, his life icon is taken and slightly modified from the intro to SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula for Game Boy Color (when he is looking at the statue).
  • Playing the game on an NTSC Mega Drive or Mega Drive clone, alongside certain emulators, will showcase a region lock/anti-piracy screen that shows SpongeBob yawning. The text shown in the screen may be unintelligible due to some English characters found in the original screen being replaced with Cyrillic characters from the Russian text.