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Street Fighter EX + Alpha is an unlicensed fighter released for the SNES by an unknown developer in the South American market. Unlike the original arcade and PlayStation port, it features hand drawn 2D sprites in a style similar to the Street Fighter Alpha series. In fact, many portions of the sprites look as if they may have taken Alpha sprites and altered them heavily to appear as original creations.

Although it is not mentioned in game, some PCB's have a sticker on them with a 1997 date. It is unknown when the game was first dumped into ROM format, but after being dumped remained unplayable until 2011 when a SNES programmer D4S documented and removed the copy protection. Since releasing the cracked version, new reprints of the game using the cracked ROM have surfaced. These differ from the original South American release by having a Japanese-style Super Famicom shell with a more professional looking label that features artwork from the original Sony Playstation version cover.


The following characters are featured, each referred to in-game by their original Japanese names.

  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Chun-Li
  4. Guile
  5. Skullomania
  6. Gouki
  7. Vega
  8. Sakura
  9. Hokuto


The title screen and character portraits appear to be digitized scans of screencaps of the original artwork. The backgrounds, also screencapped from Street Fighter EX, are not animated and are mirrored so that both halves of the screen are identical (possibly in an attempt to save ROM space). Beyond those, the similarities to the original source end. All of the sound effects, sound samples, and music are taken directly from Capcom's SNES port of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. There is a simple versus screen at the start of the match using the same character portraits from the selection screen, but no post-fight dialogue. The ending is a simple congratulations screen.

Much of the HUD is similar to or exactly the same as other SNES fighting games.


Fighting consists of standard Street Fighter mechanics but with only one punch and one kick button used. Special moves are performed using joystick motions normal for the series. A super meter exists below the life bar which gradually fills during the fight, allowing a super move to be performed by each character, but the joystick motions to perform these moves are unknown. Gameplay itself is lackluster due the problems with the SNES fighting engine used by this and other unlicensed fighting games.