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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is an unlicensed port of the fighting game of the same name, developed by Hummer Team for the Famicom and published by Cony Soft under their Yoko Soft alias in 1992.



Street Fighter II's gameplay.

The game is a simplified version of the original Street Fighter II. The player can choose from 4 characters: Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and Zangief. There is also Vega/M. Bison (Dictator) as the final boss, although his name is misspelled as "Viga" in this game. They all have their moves (although Zangief's Spinning Piledriver seems to be missing). Like in the original version, the player fights through the other selectable characters (here in a preset order), eventually reaching the final battle with Dictator. The player only gets one continue, unlike the official game.

There is no difficulty selection and the game itself has hard AI (but the AI isn't as poorly programmed as the fighting games under Cony Soft's name), and it also has English in some areas, especially in the ending cutscenes.



"Viga" vs. Guile in Master Fighter III.

  • Street Fighter II (Invincibility) - Although this isn't the true name of this version, this replaces the first two Chinese characters on the sign in Chun-Li's stage to "YOKO", while also adding an invincibility cheat.
  • Master Fighter II: The World Warrior - A title hack of Street Fighter II which also has the invincibility cheat (printed on the back of the cart.
  • Street Fighter III - This version based on original SFII. Title screen replaced with III instead II - released in 25-31 December 1992. There`s two versions of this hack.
  • Master Fighter III: The World Warrior - This version changes the copyright to 1993 and adds "Viga" as a playable character.
  • Mario Fighter III: The World Warrior - Hack of Master Fighter III that adds Mario and a clone of Guile to the roster of playable characters. There's also an unplayable version of Ryu whose background has been ripped from Super Mario Bros. 3. The background for Mario's stage is ripped from Little Nemo: The Dream Master and shares its graphics with Kart Fighter. Mario's sprite, reused in Mari Street Fighter III Turbo, is a poorly edited version of his sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3. Additionally, all of the credits were replaced with "X"s and Yoko's copyright was removed. It's unknown who created this hack.
  • Super Fighter II' - Title screen hack of Street Fighter II.
  • City Fighter IV - Hack of Master Fighter II: The World Warrior that adds sound samples for the fighters and the title screen, as well as some minor background palette changes. The copyright is changed to "Towa Soft 1993", with the credits still intact.


Note: Any characters that originally used charge commands don't require the first direction to be held down.


  • Hadouken - Down, Down-Forward, Forward, a
  • Shoryuken  - Forward, Down-Forward, Down, a
  • Hurricane Kick - Down, Down-Back, Back, b


  • Lightning Kicks - Press b repeatedly.
  • Spinning Bird Kick - Down, Up, b
  • Stomp - Hold down while jumping, b


  • Sonic Boom - Back, Forward, a
  • Somersault Kick - Down, Up, b
  • Reverse Spin Kick - (While close to the opponent) Back + b

Zangief / Mari

  • Lariat - A+B
  • Ground Throw - (While close to the opponent) Down-Forward, a

Viga (Vega / M.Bison / Dictator)

  • Psycho Crusher - Back, Forward, a
  • Scissors Kick - Back, Forward, b
  • Head Press - Down, Up, b

Cheat Codes

  • Ending for Zangief: B, A, A, A, Left, Right. Press Start after that.
  • Zangief vs. Dictator: B, A, A, A, Down, Down. Press Start after that.
  • Invincibility code (only works with certain versions): Left, Left, B, A, A, Left. Press Start after that.
  • This game features two players. To access the second player, on the character select screen, press Left or Right.



Mickey Mouse 3 tiles present within Mario Fighter III's CHR.

  • The Mario sprite seen on the title screen of Mario Fighter III: The World Warrior is actually an edited version of Fortran from Dian Shi Ma Li. Furthermore, many graphics stolen from Little Nemo: The Dream Master are used in one of the stages. Mario's sprite was later reused on Mari Street Fighter III Turbo. The same Mario on the title screen can be seen in other games such as Mario IV and 7 Grand Dad.
  • The final boss' music from Jing Ke Xin Zhuan is found within this game's data, but it goes unused.
  • Some music from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was later reused in Hummer Team's Street Fighter Zero 2 '97, although changed and slightly remixed.
  • Master Fighter VI' reuses some Street Fighter II graphics, as well as the music.
  • In Master Fighter III, Viga (Vega/M.Bison/Dictator) is pretty buggy. Holding down while playing as him makes the opponent jump and try to air kick him, but using another character's sprite (though with the same palette). After defeating the opponent in the first round, holding back and up against the wall at the beginning of the second makes the opponent go in a hit state (but no damage is done). Using the down trick against another Viga causes major slowdown and glitching at times. This is probably due to Dictator not having a crouching animation, causing some strange stuff to happen. Hitting the other Viga fixes the glitching. His ending is Chun-Li's, but he isn't seen walking (no character is there) and after the first line of dialog, it goes straight to the credits.
  • Mario Fighter III seems to have unused tiles from other games, which can be found in the game' CHR. An example (seen above) shows graphics from the game Mickey Mouse 3: Yume Fuusen (the Japanese version of Kid Klown in Night Mayor World.) It's likely that these are remnants of a pirate multicart that contained the game.
  • Surprisingly, the game features a high score table where the players are able to put in their score if they lose.
  • The character roster is identical to Contra Fighter (a hack of G.I. Joe), although Dictator's name is spelled correctly there.


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