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Street Fighter III: 18 Person is a hack by Glorysun of the Street Fighter II': Champion Edition port that was rejected in favor of Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition (specifically the "ST II' Turbo" build that saw a bootleg release; two builds that appear identical to the aforementioned bootleg build was dumped in 2020). It adds 6 additional fighters to the the existing roster of 12, all of them being recolors of existing characters.

Character Implementation[]


Character select screen

The following selectable characters are added, each with a portrait on the character select screen. Although each character is simply a recolor and not feature new sprites, the palette chosen for the recolor is new and not present in the original game. The 4 characters from Super Street Fighter II use their headshot portraits from that game (although Fei Long's has been heavily altered), while the additional 2 use artwork from the unlicensed Mega Drive version of The King of Fighters '98.

  • Cammy - Palette swap of Chun-Li.
  • Fei Long - Palette swap of Dictator (Bison/Vega).
  • Dee Jay - Palette swap of Boxer (Balrog/Bison).
  • T. Hawk - Palette swap of E. Honda.
  • Takuma - Palette swap of Ryu, uses Takuma's headshot from The King of Fighters '98.
  • Chzhen - Palette swap of Ken, uses Guile's headshot from The King of Fighters '98.

Each new character has their name presented correctly under their lifebar during the fight, and their color scheme is reflected correctly in their portrait on the post-fight or continue screens.

Known Bugs and Glitches[]

For some reason, the pre-fight versus screen is blacked out during all matches. The pause exists and the music is played, but nothing is displayed on-screen. Additionally, the airplane's movement as it travels from place to place on the map screen during 1P mode is sluggish, as if the routes were redrawn to accommodate the modified character select screen with the additional portraits.



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