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Street Fighter Zero 2 '97 is a pirated port of Street Fighter Zero (known as Street Fighter Alpha in Western territories) made by Hummer Team and published by Ka Sheng in 1997.



Street Fighter Zero 2 '97's Gameplay

This game bears some similarities to the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior pirate, remixing some of the music from that game. There are 9 playable characters in this game: Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, Nash (known as Charlie in the Western releases,) Guy, Adon, Sagat, Sodom and Gouki (known as Akuma outside of Japan.) There are also 3 each of the before-mentioned characters. The controls are similar to SFII although some of the specials are different and super moves can be performed, despite there being no super meter in the game. Like that game, there is no difficulty selection or options screen, meaning that there is only one difficulty level. Like most of the fighters that use the Street Fighter II Engine, the second player has to press a button on the character select screen to start a 2 player game. Meanwhile, Sodom's charge move is considerably overpowered when compared with the other characters' specials and can take off about half of the opponents life bar after one use, making the game relatively easy when playing as him. The "'97" on the title screen was tacked on in a similar way to Donkey Kong Country 4.

Like in Tekken 2, the characters are smaller than those in Street Fighter II, although there is still a considerable amount of flicker when there are projectiles on the screen. The graphics are taken from Street Fighter Zero and downgraded, and the music is a mixture of the soundtrack from that game and Street Fighter II. As well, the intro is from the original Street Fighter Alpha.

Street Fighter Zero 2[]


Hummer Team copyright which was removed in this version

A hacked version of SFZ2'97 was later produced by N.T. in 199X, which removes the intro and the characters Guy, Adon, Sagat, Sodom and Gouki. There are also 23 repeats of the characters retained in this version. It was retailed with the exact cover as the full version.



  • One of the stages uses a remixed version of Street Fighter II's character select screen music.
  • Usually when a round ends, the music doesn't stop even though it's supposed to.
  • Despite being in the intro of Street Fighter Zero 2 '97, M. Bison isn't a playable character.
  • During fights, there is a row of garbled sprites on the top of the screen. This is caused by someone assigning the wrong mapper to the game.
  • Chun-Li's stage from the original Street Fighter Alpha exists but is not used in the game. It can be used by setting the hex address 0410 to 00 using FCEUX.