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Street Heroes is an unlicensed fighting game for the Famicom and Game Boy Color, released by Sachen.


Far away in the Aotis continent, sword coexists with the magic. People there all have unimaginable power. So it brings up lots of warriors.

Now, the best warriors - Rex, Malcolm, Roger, Big Whale, Daphe, Ned, Rock Tiger, and Dark Moon get together for a race. However, there is some scheming behind the race...


This game is heavily influenced by Street Fighter II, featuring various fighters from many areas, each with special moves of their own.

They are:

  • Rex
  • Malcolm
  • Roger
  • Daphne
  • Big Whale
  • Ned
  • Rock Tiger
  • Dark Moon (boss only)

Also, like Street Fighter II, after defeating all the playable fighters, the player must defeat a non-playable character named Dark Moon, as well as a recolor of the player. In the Famicom version, each character has his/her own ending. The difficulty level doesn't affect the endings. This game also uses voice samples for both the characters, & the announcer of the matches.

Oddly, this game has a DIP switch that renames the game to Samurai Spirits and changes the intro to match this.

Game Boy Color Port[]

This was one of the few games by Sachen to be ported to the Game Boy Color. Although the developer remains unknown, it's possible that former Sachen programmer Ei-How Yang had a role in developing this version. Compared to the original game, this game also shares unique 8x8 and 8x16 font assets only found in games programmed by the same developer. Another piece of evidence includes the sound engine used (evidenced by remnants from Dan Laser, another Game Boy game by Sachen that was also developed by Ei-How Yang).

The game is mostly the same, except for the lack of a few music tracks (The rest of the music from the original Famicom game was used in Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2001), stages being in a preset order, and the ending being the same result no matter what fighter you select since the ending is all of the endings from the Famicom version. Voice clips are also not present in this version. While existing ROM dumps of the port have surfaced on obscure websites, none of them currently work successfully in any emulator.



  • For a rarity in unlicensed Famicom fighting games, the Famicom version contains many sampled voices. Another one to use voice clips is City Fighter IV, which processes samples through a custom board.