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Strike Wolf is a Famicom light gun game similar to Operation Wolf published in 1992 by TXC for their Micro Genius lineup.


The game plays just like Taito's Operation Wolf. The stage scrolls slowly and enemy soldiers shoot at you. Each stage has its boss. The game can be played either with a standard joypad or with a light-gun.


  • Programmers: Wen-Long Lu, Wen-Cherng Shieh
  • Graphics Designers: Li-Yun Pong, Shandy Ho
  • Sound Creator: Albert Tiao
  • Director: Yeon-Chan Tsao


  • TXC seems to have developed Strike Wolf to replace the MGC-002 2-in-1 (Operation Wolf, Space Shadow) which came bundled with the TLG-405 Micro Genius Machine Light Gun as it was infringing copyrights.
  • Gluk Video release lacks the cartridge cover.