Strip Fighter II
Title screen.
Publisher Games Express, Xinshi Technology (新士科技)
Developer Games Express
Original developer Street Fighter II, Super Fighter
Console PC Engine
Date 1993 (Japan), March 26, 1994 (Taiwan)
Retail price \9800
Engine Super Fighter's engine
Sound engine Games Express

Strip Fighter II is an adult 2D fighting game. The game was published by Games Express, which was released in Japan and Taiwan in March 26, 1994.

It is based on C&E's Super Fighter engine and is also a parody of Capcom's Street Fighter II (1991).[1]

Overview Edit

Strip Fighter II is a fighting game running on the Super Fighter engine. You are awarded with hentai every time you beat a round.

Characters Edit

  • Bella
  • Martha
  • Medusa
  • Nina
  • Yuki
  • Amanda

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