Strip Fighter II
Title screen featuring the characters.
Developer Nankoku Byouyou
Console Sharp X68000
Date 1993
Engine ZmuSiC (sound driver)

The Sharp X68000 version of Strip Fighter II is a card game made by someone known as Nankoku Byouyou, released for the Japanese computer of the same name in 1993. It predates the unlicensed PC Engine game of the same name by an year (1994).

Overview Edit

By owning a similar name with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, it was supposed to be a fighting game on the likes of the PC Engine game. However, it's a card battle game featuring girls (not women) partially dressed as cats. Players can choose 8 different girls to play a card battle game. As expected, the more the character (either the player or the CPU) acts in different ways (taking or healing damage), more unsafe art of the girl character(s) will appear during the fight. The cards can provide punches, kicks, special energy or healing cards to play. Both the player and the CPU can pick two cards on the same turn.

Strangely enough, this game requires a Mouse connected to the X68000 in order to play it. It cannot be playable with the keyboard or with a hardware-only Joystick. This is not a problem on emulators, as most of them already has enough functions to emulate a Mouse.

Characters Edit

  • Meilin (A cat girl presumably from China)
  • Hotaru (A cat girl presumably from Japan)
  • Candy
  • Honey (A Nurse cat girl)
  • Huri (Another cat girl presumably from China)
  • Mio (Another cat girl presumably from Japan)
  • Klyta
  • Pythia

They also have full names, albeit listed in kanji or katakana.

Trivia Edit

  • The game shares an adaptation of the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior logo, by modifying the word Street.
    • As with the title, some sound effects are also taken from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. The font used for the character's names is practically identical to the one used in the CPS-1 SF2 games too.
  • The character selection screen features a bit of English: On the screen itself, it's written as SELECT CARACTER
  • The sound driver (ZmuSiC) of the game is also used in various commercial games for the X68000, such as the Fatal Fury ports.
  • The inclusion of a special bar in this game predates the Special bar used in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the first official game in the franchise to do so.