Zhongshan Subor Educational Electronics Co., Ltd.
Origin Zhongshan, China
Years 1987-present
Consoles Famicom, generic 16/32-bit
Related companies Waixing

Zhongshan Subor Educational Electronics Co., Ltd. (中山市小霸王教育电子有限公司) is a hardware manufacturer based in Zhongshan, China and founded in 1987.

Subor is known for its keyboard-based and standard Famiclones, and and also currently produces a number of Wii clones (such as the iSports) and handheld Famiclones. It is closely linked to Waixing and most software supplied with its current consoles is either developed by Waixing or Waixing-copyrighted versions of other companies' games (e.g. Nice Code).


  • In the countries of former Soviet Union, Subor is the second well-known famiclone next to Dendy.

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