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Subor x Toyota (conjectural name) is a Famiclone released by Subor in 2022. The console was released in limited quantities for the 18th anniversary of GAC Toyota Motor Corporation, the Chinese branch of Toyota.


The Subor x Toyota system closely resembles an actual Famicom, though it is colored red, and features a pixelated heart reading "GTMC" on the cartridge lid. As with most Famiclones, the controllers are detachable (using 9-pin connectors); it can output through both HDMI and composite.

A 300-in-1 cartridge is included with the console. The game list, as well as the menu design, is almost identical to a known "plug & play" 300-in-1 set (seen on the U.S.-distributed "Nyko Game Console"). However, the first game in the list (Monkey King) is replaced with a game labeled "GTMC 18th Anniversary Limited Edition"; oddly, this game is an advanced, presumably-unauthorized hack of Adventure Island II. It features four selectable characters, but only retains five levels; when an egg is cracked, a paragraph of information about the GTMC company is displayed on the screen.

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