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Sudoku: Do You Sudoku? is a Sudoku plug-and-play console released by SDW Games in 2005. The console unit is a controller that takes 3 AAA batteries and has A/V cables that plug directly into a television set. The controller has a D-Pad, a "Menu/Puzzle" button, a power button, and A, B, C and D buttons. The Sudoku: Do You Sudoku? unit runs on 16-bit Sunplus SPG hardware and includes a custom Sudoku game. The Sudoku: Do You Sudoku? plug-and-play system is uncommon and very little documentation on it currently exists.


The Sudoku game on the Sudoku: Do You Sudoku? unit is near identical to one present in several generic 16-bit plug-and-play consoles that also run on Sunplus SPG hardware (typically Wii clones like the Zone 40), which mainly include games developed by Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co., Ltd. The only major differences between the Sudoku game on these generic plug-and-play consoles and the version on the SDW Games Sudoku: Do You Sudoku? unit that are known are that the SDW Games logo is removed from the generic plug-and-play versions, the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen in the SDW Games version is changed to "A" in the generic versions, and the SDW Games version has extra options for hints and saving progress.

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