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SunA Quiz 6000 Academy (퀴즈6000아카데미) is a quiz arcade game produced by SunA Electronics released in Korea in June 1994. Some of the distinguishing features of this game include a board game littered with trivia questions and the presence of numerous unauthorized characters including Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Litter Critter from the children’s books, and E.T. Graphics and music were ripped from another quiz game, Konami’s “Quiz Gakumon no Susume”, and one of the backgrounds is lifted from Super Mario World.


Sunaq gameplay

Gameplay showing Goku and Little Critter.

1 or 2 players choose from one of four different characters, including Goku and three generic child characters. Before they answer a round of questions, they roll the dice and move across the board as Little Critter, who will also show up elsewhere during the quiz. Among the hosts that read questions are E.T., a cowboy with gratuitous English, a genie, a clown, and a well-endowed supermodel. The players start with 5 lives, and they’ll lose one with each incorrect answer. When they answer enough questions correctly, they get to roll the dice again back on the board. When Little Critter lands on a “777” space, the players can play a slot machine and have a chance at extra lives, extra spaces, or bonus points. The board doesn’t end and loops endlessly, so players are only going for the highest score.


  • In 2011, this game was introduced by Korean video game broadcast, On-gamenet, at 'Kyunkim-e-wang-kkaji'.