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Sunday Funday: The Ride
Sunday Funday - The Ride Title Screen
Publisher Wisdom Tree
Developer Wisdom Tree
Console NES
Date 1995
Sound engine Color Dreams

Sunday Funday: The Ride is a 3-in-1 multicart developed and published by Wisdom Tree.


As usual of Wisdom Tree, the contents of the multicart all have a Christianity theme to them. Both games on this cart have been hacked to include these themes.


  • Sunday Funday - A hack of Menace Beach where the plot has been changed to getting to church.
  • Fish Fall - A hack of the unreleased Free Fall that changes the people to fish and Bible verses between rounds.
  • 4HIM - The Ride - Karaoke featuring an 8-bit rendition The Ride by 4HIM.


  • Not only is this the last game developed by Wisdom Tree, this would also be the last game released for the NES.
  • Even though the cart was released in 1995, Sunday Funday has a year of 1994. Either Sunday Funday was planned to be released on a single cart before the multicart was made or the multicart began development in 1994.
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