The SPG series is a series of systems-on-a-chip (SOCs) made by the Taiwanese company Sunplus. They are probably the most commonly used SOCs in plug-and-play game consoles other than famiclones.

Many technical details about SPG systems are currently unknown as Sunplus releases very little public information, and barely even acknowledges the existence of the SPG series on its website. It is known that the SPG2xx series uses the µ’nSP instruction set except the 29x which uses "s+core" architecture.[1] At least the SPG29x series supports eCos.

SPG systems Edit

  • SPG243 - used in JungleTac Sport Vii VC cartridges.[1] Also used by Nice Code for some 16-bit games.
  • SPG250 - a higher resolution 16-bit system. used by Nice Code for some games.
  • SPG288 - used by Nice Code for some 16-bit games.
  • SPG289 - used by Niutai for 18-in-1 and 198-in-1 cartridges or built-in games supplied with Qi Sheng Long consoles, especially Wii clones.
  • SPG290 - used Mattel Hyperscan
  • SPG293 - used by Nice Code for 32-bit games, Shenzhen Niutai Technology Development for 32-bit 48 in 1 systems by Qi Sheng Long (and possibly other companies) and Subor for its iSports Pro & probably other 32-bit systems.

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