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This article is about Super 12-in-1 (Mega Drive). For games with a similar title, see Super 12-in-1 (disambiguation).

Super 12-in-1 is an unlicensed multicart released for Sega's Mega Drive / Genesis console. It contains twelve (12) games, all originally from Sega's previous Mark III/Master System console, using the Mega Drive's compatibility mode for it; as such, the games could be run directly without the need for the Power Base Converter.


The cartridge contains 12 games, but they are listed in four "pages", each letting you select from 3 games. The page is loaded at random, and it is necessary to press the reset button, or power the console off and on again, to load a different page.

Page 1[]

  1. Teddy Boy
  2. Soccer (Great Soccer)
  3. Machine Gun (Comical Machine Gun Joe)

Page 2[]

  1. Satellite 7
  2. Base Ball (Great Baseball)
  3. Action Boy (My Hero/Seishun Scandal)

Page 3[]

  1. Ghost House
  2. Super Tennis
  3. Astro Flash (TransBot)

Page 4[]

  1. Hang On
  2. Pit Pot (Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot)
  3. Spy vs Spy

Note: Sega reused the names Great Soccer and Great Baseball for vastly different Master System games released as cartridges in the West. The ones in this compilation are those released only in Japan as My Cards.