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The Super 15 in 1 is a bootleg plug and play console that knocks off the Jakk's Pacific SpongeBob Squarepants TV game.


The main unit is vividly has the same design as said original likeness of the bootleg, except with thick eyebrows, a red, mushroom-like tip on the nose and more dark “cheeks” on the edges on the mouth. Speaking of which, the D-pad mechanic from the original likeness is still seen on the bootleg, which has the nose for a D-pad. It has 2 buttons, a bigger button (supposedly the A button) and a smaller button on the bottom (also presumably the B button). It has AV cables for audio and video.


According to the box:

  • Lawn Purge
  • F-22
  • Box world
  • Enchanter
  • Huarongdao

In the system:

  • F-22
  • Alienis
  • Boxes World
  • Play Cards
  • Brave Boy
  • Apple Chess
  • Hua Rong Dao
  • Lawn Purge
  • Dringle
  • Back
  • Play Dice
  • Darkcastle
  • Shoot
  • Enchanter
  • Silent Hunter