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The Super 2-in-1 is a multicart containing 2 unlicensed games not known to have been released elsewhere.

List of games[]

TV Soccer[]


TV Soccer's title screen.

Unlike many later unlicensed football games, which are simple penalty shootout games, this one is designed somewhat similarly to Captain Tsubasa for the Famicom. Despite being based off the 2002 World Cup, only the teams that made it to the quarter final of the event are included in this game. The menu simply calls this game Soccer Game.

One of the music tracks is a re-edit of a song from Hogan's Alley. There are also PCM sound effects, which is unusual for a Famicom game.

Dance Party[]


Dance Party's title screen.

This game is one of numerous 8-bit DDR clones which supposedly includes 42 different songs. However, there are really only 19 as the rest are repeats. For whatever reason, this is listed as Crazy Dance on the main menu.

The "Ready, go!" sound effect that plays at the start of each round is stolen from Puzzle Bobble. The logo is re-edited from DuckTales and one of the background effects during gameplay is taken from Flipull.