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Super 24-in-1 is a multicart developed and released by J.Y. Company under SC03 ID. This multicart is large for a Famicom ROM, being 4.5Mb in size. Out of the 24 games included, 9 of them are unlicensed originals.

List of games[]

  1. King of Fighters '99 (Hack of The King of Fighters '97 by Rex Soft)
  2. Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu Special by Hummer Team)
  3. Tekken 2 (Cut-down version)
  4. Dragon Ballz 3 (Hack of Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2 by Hummer Team)
  5. Street Fighter 60 (Street Fighter V 60 Turbo, one of Cony Soft's Street Fighter II pirates)
  6. Yuuyuu 5 (Hack of Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final)
  7. Samurai (Wu Shi Hun by Rex Soft, cut-down version)
  8. Power Ranger 5 (Mapper hack of Power Rangers III by Hummer Team)
  9. Rockman 7 (Title screen hack of Rockman 6 (Mega Man 6))
  10. Super Contra (Contra)
  11. Super Mario (Hack with Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 graphics)
  12. 1942
  13. Lunar Ball
  14. Kung Fu (Yie Ar Kung-Fu)
  15. Formation Z
  16. Bomber Man (Says Boom Man on the title screen)
  17. Macros (Choujikuu Yousai Macross)
  18. Brush Rolle (Brush Roller by Hwang Shinwei)
  19. Battle City
  20. Circus Chablie (Circus Charlie)
  21. Pinball
  22. Excite Bike (Excitebike)
  23. F1 Race
  24. Ballon Fight (Balloon Fight)


  • This multicart was seemingly made after J.Y. and Hummer Team ended their relationship and also after J.Y. went on making cheaper cartridges operating on cheaper hardware.