Super Bio Man 4
Title screen.
Publisher Segye-ro Electronics
Developer Clover (?)
Console MSX

Super Bio Man 4 is an MSX game which is similar to the Super Boy series, a Mario clone. Instead of using graphics ripped from Super Mario Bros. 3, the game uses sprites loosely based off of the character sprites in Super Mario Bros. 3. It is based on Super Bros. World 1 - another Super Mario Bros. 3 clone made by Clover[1] - and it was published by Segye-ro Electronics.

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Like the first three Super Boy games, the items dispensed by the item boxes found throughout the game are randomized. However, there is a new item that can kill you if you aren't careful, similar to the Poison Mushroom from the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2. Due to the game's awkward coloring, dying to the new item is likely.

The game doesn't suffer from the same physics problem that Super Boy I and II had, but the physics are still a bit hard to get used to, especially for those who played Super Mario Bros. 3 before playing this. It also features music ripped from Super Mario Bros. 3, remade more accurately than Super Boy I's renditions of Super Mario Bros. music. The same music is also used in Super Bros. World 1.

The enemies are difficult to differentiate from backgrounds, and therefore it is relatively easy to die from this game's version of Goombas.

Connections to Super Boy games Edit

  • Has music ripped from Mario games.
  • Randomized items.
  • Loosely based off of Mario games.
  • Similar physics.

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Trivia Edit

  • When Bio Man hits an item box, it shows a silly-looking face on the box.
  • Despite popular opinion, there is a Super Bio Man 1, known to have been published by Hello Soft for the Master System.[2] It is not known if there is a 2 or 3.

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