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This article is about Super Bros. 10: Kung Fu Mari. For games with a similar title, see Super Bros. (disambiguation).

Super Bros. 10: Kung Fu Mari is a Mario hack released for the Famicom. It is a hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu.


Super Bros


Super Bros. 10 has the obvious title screen change, like with most hacks. Similar to how Fred Flintstone's head was replaced with Mario's in 7 Grand Dad, Super Bros. 10 puts Mario's head on Jackie Chan's body, making use of Mario's Toad House sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3. This game is also easier than the original since every special attack has infinite uses instead of a limited number of uses.



  • The reprint shown below has 810425C written on it (April 25th, 1992). It means Mario 10 had likely already hit the market by then.
  • The game is hacked from the North American version of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, as evident from its PRG footer and leftover title screen data.
  • This hack was later hacked a second time to create the Pokémon-themed hack Barve Boy: Kung Fu Pokechu.
  • For unknown reasons, the graphics of Josephine (Jackie Chan's fictional "sister" from the game) slightly alter her dress design and hair buns. The edited Josephine graphics seem to loosely resemble Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, though as to if this was intentional is unclear.
    • Additionally, the character who kidnaps Josephine in the opening intro is replaced, though the actual boss fight graphics are unaltered.