Super Bros. 11
Super Bros 11 title screen.png
Title screen.
Hack of Adventure Island 3
Original developer Now Production
Console Famicom

Super Bros. 11, also known as Mario Adventures, is a Mario hack of Adventure Island 3 released on the Famicom. It has a near-identical PCB to Super Mario 14's.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Super Bros. 11's gameplay.

Just like Super Bros. 9, Super Bros. 11 replaces Master Higgins' sprites with Mario, the fruits the player collects with multi-colored coins, and the eggs with mushrooms. The game was made significantly easier, as Mario starts off with 30 uses of every items instead of 0, and with 9 lives instead of 3.

The graphics were taken from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels). The "Adventures" part of Tiny Toon Adventures' title screen was reused on Super Bros. 11's title screen but recolored to black.

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