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This article is about Super Bros. 6. For games with a similar title, see Super Bros. (disambiguation).

Super Bros 6. is a hack of Tiny Toon Adventures released in 1992.


Super Bros

Super Bros. 6's gameplay.

Like most hacks, Super Bros. 6's title screen was altered. The title screen displays the "Super Bros. 6" logo in a Super Mario World-type font on a black background. The game also replaces some of Buster Bunny's sprites with a pink Mario (based on the original Super Mario Bros. 3 sprite). Some sprites, such as Buster's map icon and powerup sprites, remain unchanged.


Box arts and Cartridges[]



  • The method in which the graphics were hacked is rather unconventional. While Buster's sprites face right in the Tiny Toons CHR data, the Mario sprites used are facing left, and are split in half; the PRG code for Buster is heavily altered to fit the left-facing Mario sprites. This suggests that whatever compiler the hack used could not actually redraw graphics, and the Mario graphics were copied via non-visual HEX code from Mario 3.
    • In a later Tiny Toons hack, Pokemon Yellow, several sprites of Mario split in half (including the turning and swimming sprites) can be seen in-game. This is seemingly the result of Pokemon Yellow being based on the CHR of Super Bros. 6, but the PRG of a mostly-unhacked version of Tiny Toons.