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This article is about Super Bros. 9. For games with a similar title, see Super Bros. (disambiguation).
Super Bros. 9
Super Bros. 9 Title screen.png
Title screen.
Hack of Adventure Island II
Original developer Now Production
Console Famicom
Date 1992(?)
Alternate names/hacks Super Mario World 9

Super Bros. 9 is a hack of Adventure Island II. It was likely released in June 1992 as the original PCB has 920618 printed on it.


Super Bros. 9's gameplay.

Master Higgins' sprites are replaced with Mario's (based on his Super Mario Bros. 3 sprite). Mario starts with 10 lives instead of 3. The player can select between worlds from the button combination: Right + Left + Right + Left + A + B + A + B.

Super Mario World 9

Altered title screen.

Super Mario World 9 is a re-release and variant of Super Bros. 9. Its title screen was changed and gives a copyright date of 1996.



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